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━━━ Offering A New Funding Income



We are currently seeking Associations, Nonprofit Groups, Charities, Ministries, and National Clubs desiring a dynamic funding source by offering LifeExec an easy and Affordable Healthcare Benefits to Members, Subscribers or Supporters and their families.

━━ What Kind Of Fundraiser Is This? 

Designated by IRS as Unrelated Business Income (UBI)

This is not a traditional fundraiser where you ask for outright donations. It is closer to a Product Fundraiser where your group "sells" a healthcare benefits plan to your Supporters, Members or Subscribers and you earn income as a commission.

Your organization makes a solid Passive Residual Income month after month, year after year, as long as your Members keep their healthcare benefits. There is a 100% Acceptance by LifeExec to all you approach.

You serve your Members, Supporters and Staff with a very affordable healthcare benefits as part of their membership.

We Are The Future Of Healthcare Benefits

Every day, LifeExec saves and improves lives. It is disheartening to see individuals forced to go without essential medical prescriptions and critical care due to unaffordable healthcare. That's why we are committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of families, children and those with chronic illnesses by providing them the ability to afford and live their healthiest lives.

With rapidly increasing insurance premiums and soaring deductibles, millions of people find themselves without affordable healthcare. Moreover, millions of businesses do not even qualify for benefit programs due to their size or the inclusion of 1099 workers and part-time employees who are often left out.

The foreseeable future only indicates that these problems with health insurance are bound to worsen. LifeExec is here to fix healthcare for all. Our comprehensive benefits are available to everyone, regardless of their employment status or preexisting conditions. We also understand the importance of affordability, which is why our programs offer premium care at astonishingly low costs.

Receive top-notch medical, dental, and vision, along with access to medications, all for as little as $1 a day. At LifeExec, we cater to all types of businesses, associations, and groups. Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. With no minimum participation requirements and zero monthly costs, we are committed to helping organizations provide for their members, as well as, businesses to recruit and retain employees, regardless of their budget constraints. 

Working With A World Class Company

Your organization will be working with a World Class Company that is earning many accolades from those leaders in the BenTech Industry.

We Provide Your Marketing Materials

You don't have to design your own marketing materials. We provide you with a robust suite of effective, well designed marketing materials.

We Offer A Robust Web Portal

We will create a Branded Healthcare Benefits Web Portal for all of your Supporters, Members, Staff, and Subscribers with Q&A and Sign Up.

We Handle All Customer Service

After selling a Benefits Plan to an individual or business, we then interact with each client and customize their exact healthcare benefit needs.

No Limitations On Income Potential 

Broadcast your fundraiser as often as you desire. Choose the appropriate Enrollment Schedule that fits with your organization's schedule.

We Work On Improving Your Income

After you obtain a Client, we work with them suggesting additional benefits. With upgrades from our suggestions, your group will benefit.

Become A Nonprofit Affiliate With Dependable & Profitable Nonprofit Funding!

Grab Your Lucrative Fundraiser Today!

How Much Do You Make Per Sale Per Month?

━ Advantage Essential

Single - $5.00
Family - $10.00

━ Advantage Signature

Single - $10.00
Family - $20.00

━ Advantage Premium

Single - $20.00
Family - $40.00

━ Advantage Rx

Single - $2.00
Family - $4.00

━ Advantage Upgrades

Mental - $5.00
Protect - $5.00

━ Business Registration

One Time Fee


Your Nonprofit Organization or Association (as an Nonprofit Affiliate) makes a small portion from every benefits plan sold or $1000's when you get a business on board. Our current close rate is 70% once a business is introduced to what LifeExec has to offer them. Ask every one of your Members and Supporters to get their own company involved.

Check out what your group can make on the chart below. Remember, this comes in as Passive Residual Funding Income, month after month, without you needing to resell it again. 

Get Started As A Nonprofit Affiliate Today!

━ Unlimited Potential

Shoot for the moon.
Your funding potential
is what you make it.

━ Fundraise As Needed

Set your own funding
priorities to achieve
your fundraising goals.

━ Passive Residual Income

Sell once and receive the same income each and every month as long as accounts are active.

Start As A Nonprofit Affiliate With A Highly Profitable Nonprofit Income Source!

Get Your Highly Profitable Fundraiser Now!

Raise As Little Or Much Funding As You Desire 

Whether you are looking for a new Funding Stream for your nonprofit to fund Special Projects, Ongoing Expenses, Staff Employment, or other Mission Project, LifeExec can be your partner in spreading Goodwill with an awesome, super affordable healthcare benefit to your Staff, Supporters and Members.

Every time a Member purchases a benefit program, you earn monthly recurring revenue for the lifetime of the agreement. A single purchase ($18 per month average) can produce steady funding revenue for six months to five years (or more). This gives your Organization, Charity, Ministry, National Club or Association a steady stream of dependable passive funding.

You Get Some Awesome Marketing Materials All Ready For You!

Secure Your Own Successful Fundraiser.

Your Pitch Video

For Businesses - All Sizes

We accept 100% of Businesses no matter their size. We can scale their Benefits Portal to 10,000 locations with No Limits & Zero Risk .

Happy Nonprofit

These two Informational Videos are just a sample of the marketing materials that are all ready for you to present to those needing healthcare benefits.

Your Pitch Video

For Individuals & Families

A simple explainer video on how individuals and their families can take advantage of affordable Healthcare Benefits.


  • Provide To Staff, Supporters And Volunteers:
    - Provide Staff with a valuable Healthcare Benefits to help as a part of your Employment agreement. Your Organization can elect to provide for an entire plan or if you are strapped for income, you can pass the costs on to your workers. Even at a low rate, it is a valuable resource to keep your staff and attract new employees.
    - Offer to individual Supporters and current Volunteers as an Affordable Healthcare Benefits Program starting at just $29.95/Month... Families up to 8 dependents just $59.95/Month. State upfront that the income from their chosen benefit plans will further your mission with added funding income year after year.

  • Offer To Your Members:
    - Associations and National Clubs can offer LifeExec Healthcare Benefits to their entire Membership as a valuable "Perk" for being a member. You could add the cost of the FREE Medications Rx Advantage Program (Individuals just $17.95/Month) into their Membership Fees as an Extra Benefit Available if desired. LifeExec can customize your Healthcare Benefits Web Portal as you desire and can quickly scale it to millions of members if needed.
    - Ask your Board Members who manage or own a business to get their own LifeExec Healthcare Benefits Business Program.

  • Invite Your Local Community:
    - Seek out and find Businesses which need and want to offer Affordable Healthcare Benefits for their workers. Currently, there is a extremely high 70% acceptance rate after a business is contacted. Remember, LifeExec has a 100% acceptance rate.
    -Seek out New Volunteers by offering them a unique and affordable perk with a highly affordable Healthcare Benefits for standing by you and doing all of the grunt work needed by your Association or Organization.
    - Conduct a special campaign via regular mail, radio announcements, television plugs, and even door-to-door leaflets that promote a simple sign up for individuals and businesses.

Fund Your Nonprofit Mission With A Stable Funding Source!

Get Your Winning Fundraiser Today!

It Is So Easy To Build A Passive Funding Income

A real life method of building a lasting and steady funding source, year after year.

Best for those Organizations needing a steady and ongoing income source, month after month, and growing year after year. How? People rarely get rid of their healthcare needs, so the funding income generated keeps coming in as a stable fundraiser.

You Market Towards Your Audience

You decide who you want to market to and then promote your Branded Healthcare Benefits Web Portal to staff, Subscribers, Supporters, and Members.

Promote As Often As You Desire

Create any Social Media Posts promoting your Benefits Web Portal. Conduct an Annual, Semi-Annual or Ongoing Monthly Campaign emphasis. We will help you.

With A Steady Stream Of Income

You can bank on the steady and ongoing funding income you achieve to pay for Staff, special projects, provide office space and so much more. You decide.


When it comes to taxable income for Nonprofits and Associations, every state is different. You should get with your CPA to determine what your actual tax situation could be. The IRS fully allows this type of funding income designated as UBI or Unrelated Business Income.

There is a Monthly Maintenance Fee of $89 per month paid automatically to LifeExec. With that you receive...
* Customized Web Portal branded to your organization with your logo and message.
* Marketing Tools
* Monthly Reports
* ACH Payments
* Client Fulfillment & Support
* Monthly Recurring Income from Direct Sales

Become A Nonprofit Affiliate Today And Raise Passive Residual Funding!

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