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━━━ We Are Hiring Independent Contractors

Come Join Our


We are currently recruiting Affiliate Team Members who want to make Unlimited 100% Commissions offering LifeExec an easy and Affordable Healthcare Benefits to businesses, individuals and families.

━━━━ What Type Of Work Is This?

1099 - Independent Contractor For LifeExec

As an Independent Contractor, you work remotely choosing your own schedule and work load. You are your own boss.

You make 100% Commissions by inviting businesses and individuals to secure the most robust Healthcare Benefits Packages on the market today. There is a 100% Acceptance by LifeExec to all you reach out to.

You make Passive Residual Income, which means that when you gain a client, you are paid on that first month. Then, as they keep their benefits plans, you are paid over and over, month after month, as long as they keep their benefits active. If this interests you... Keep Reading.

We Are The Future Of Healthcare Benefits

Every day, LifeExec saves and improves lives. It is disheartening to see individuals forced to go without essential medical prescriptions and critical care due to unaffordable healthcare. That's why we are committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of families, children and those with chronic illnesses by providing them the ability to afford and live their healthiest lives.

With rapidly increasing insurance premiums and soaring deductibles, millions of people find themselves without affordable healthcare. Moreover, millions of businesses do not qualify for benefit programs due to their size or the inclusion of 1099 workers and part-time employees who are often left out. The foreseeable future only indicates that these problems with health insurance are bound to worsen. LifeExec is here to fix healthcare for all.

Our comprehensive benefits are available to everyone, regardless of their employment status or preexisting conditions. We also understand the importance of affordability, which is why our programs offer premium care at astonishingly low costs. Receive top-notch medical, dental, and vision, along with access to medications, all for as little as $1 a day.

At LifeExec, we cater to all types of businesses, associations, and groups. Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. With no minimum participation requirements and zero monthly costs, we are committed to helping organizations provide for their members, as well as, businesses to recruit and retain employees, regardless of their budget constraints.

Working With A World Class Company

You will be working with a World Class Company that is earning many accolades from those leaders in the BenTech Industry.

We Provide Your Marketing Materials

You don't have to design your own marketing materials. We provide you with a robust suite of effective, well designed marketing materials.

We Offer Ongoing Training

We don't leave you wondering how you are going to start your new venture. We train you every step of the way and then some.

We Handle All Customer Service

After selling a Benefits Plan to an individual or business, we then interact with each client and customize their exact healthcare benefit needs.

No Limitations On Income Potential 

Work as much and as often as you desire. Choose the work schedule that fits with your own schedule time, lifestyle and motivation.

We Work On Improving Your Income

After you obtain a client, we work with them suggesting additional benefits. With upgrades from our suggestions, you benefit financially.

Watch This Video To Realize This Once In A Lifetime Income Potential For You.

As An Affiliate Your Potential Is Unlimited!

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Commissions are directly deposited into your bank the following month after a sale is made.


Get Started As An Affiliate With A Highly Profitable Income Source!

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How Much Do You Make Per Sale Per Month?


Join LifeExec and tap into a multibillion-dollar opportunity. With 125 million people and 31 million businesses in need of our benefits, the market potential is enormous. In fact, it's a $150 Billion wide open market.

Our Affiliate Team Members Make a small portion from every benefits plan sold or $1000's when you get a business gets on board. Our current close rate is 70% once a business is introduced to what we have to offer them.

Check out what you can make per benefit sale per month on the chart below. Remember, this comes in as Passive Income, month after month, without you needing to resell it again.

━ Advantage Essential

Single = $5.00
Family = $10.00

━ Advantage Signature

Single = $10.00
Family = $20.00

━ Advantage Premium

Single = $20.00
Family = $40.00

━ Advantage Rx

Single = $2.00
Family = $4.00

━ Advantage Upgrades

Single = $5.00
Family = $5.00

━ Business Registration

One Time Fee


As an LifeExec Affiliate, on average you will make on average $18 per person, per month, each and every month for life.

As an example... A normal business of 50 employees X $18 Commission = $900 that first month.

Now for the year, you can plan on receiving $900 X 12 months = $10,800 per year from that one company.

In 10 years... yes, very likely, because they will not drop their healthcare benefits (we have a 97% Retention Rate) you will make $100,800 just by contacting this one business once.

In 20 years, you will make $216,000 from that one company you brought on board. And as they grow and add new employees, you make the commissions on those too.


As an LifeExec Affiliate, with Advantage Wellness Complete (our new Health Insurance) you will make on average $40 per month, per account ($35 per individual and $50 per family) each and every month for life.

As an example... A normal business of 100 employees X $40 Commission X 12 months = $48,000 / year

In 10 years... yes, very likely, because they will not drop their healthcare benefits (we have a 97% Retention Rate)... you will make $480,000 just by contacting this one business once.

You may have spent 2-5 days getting that one Business Customer on board.

Keep in mind that many people working "normal" jobs starting off and are just making $48,000 or less and yet they are working 260 days (52 Weeks X 5 days) to get that.

Which would you prefer... work 5 days... or work 260 days... to receive the same amount of income?


Did you know that most franchises start at $30,000 cost upfront for a Franchisee. And yet, you can have a more profitable business, than they do, at a tiny fraction of their cost.

So, your cost as a LifeExec Affiliate is... 12 months X $89 Monthly Affiliate Fee = $1,068/year (your business cost) - $48,000 (Commission from the example above) = $46,932 Profit Potential.

More Math...
What if you could find one business per week (52 Weeks)? Like the one in the example above? Do a little more math for the fun of it.

52 Weeks X $48,000 = _____________ (possible Commissions one year)

Now, remember that you are guaranteed this same, steady, stable amount your second year, third year and so on.

Want Even More Income Potential?

Imagine approaching an Organization with thousands of members?

Wouldn't that be exciting and very lucrative? Of course it would be and LifeExec could accommodate and scale a group with millions of members.

Imagine, securing a...
- Large Nonprofit Organization with 100's or 1000's of Supporters
- An Association with 15,000 Members. YES, one of our Affiliates just got one of these.
- National Social Club with dozens of Chapters
- National Charity with tens of 1000's of Supporters
- Any Small Ministry or Nonprofit Group with 100's of Volunteers.
- Really, there are millions of Nonprofits needing a strong, steady source of revenue.

Are you starting to get excited yet?

Can you see why LifeExec is THE company you want to work for?

When ready. Go and sign up here https://lifeexecbenefits.com/perfectbenefits and scroll to the bottom (Affiliate Section) and click on the Blue button to get started.

Note: When you fill out the form, you will get to choose your website name. As shown above, mine is... perfectbenefits

Make sure your web name is all one connected phrase, no spaces, no special symbols, no caps... all lower case.

You're smart. You passed the Math Test. Now, go make a huge pile of money.

Get Started As An Affiliate Today!


LifeExec equips you with everything you need to get started and succeed. With LifeExec you will have all of the resources needed to hit the ground and running and make a steady income.

Our comprehensive package includes:

- Your own Custom LifeExec Ecommerce Website to send people through. (Mine is https://www.lifeexecbenefits.com/perfectbenefits )
- Professional Online Marketing Toolkit with everything you need.
- We take 100% of everyone you approach... Businesses, Individuals, Nonprofit Associations.
- Ongoing Training and Expert Coaching
- Access to your own Advantage Rx, our Free Medications benefit.
- Grab any healthcare benefit and make a commission off of it for even lowering your own benefits cost. - Your own personal Success Coach (Liasion with LifeExec) with Sales Coaching
- Monthly Recurring Residual Income for Lifetime.
- Client Fulfillment And Support By LifeExec - LifeExec handles 95% of everything for you after your customer is on board with Live Support.
- Real Time Commissions Back Office - See in real time what your commissions amount to.
- On Demand Education and Training.
- Get your own custom Advantage Wellness Complete Website to share our 1/2 cost Health Insurance with everybody... Individuals, Businesses, Nonprofit Associations.
- LifeExec makes additional sales for you, on your behalf, where you make commissions from. This happens when new employees are added by the company or when LifeExec brings any business owner up to "full speed" on their benefits program ensuring that they are in full compliance with ACA. Also, any employee can come through their own company web portal and add new benefits. In the end... it means more commissions from sales that you didn't personally make. No other company that I know does that.

You Are In Total Control Of Your Income Potential

━ Unlimited Potential

Shoot for the moon.
Your earning potential
is what you make it.

━ Work Your Own Schedule

Set your own work
schedule to achieve
your own goals.

━ Passive Residual Income

Sell once and receive the same commission each and every month with active accounts.

Help Businesses Succeed And You're A Winner

━ All Qualify 100%

Businesses with 1 to 100,000 Workers... Full-time, Part-time, Contractors. All will qualify for our benefits.

━ Fits Every Budget

No minimum commitments. Businesses can sponsor, offer a stipend or have it 100% voluntary.

━ Staying In Compliance

Help businesses stay compliant with the ACA. LifeExec has programs for ALE to avoid the hefty Penalties A&B.

Watch This Video To Realize This Once In A Lifetime Income Potential For You.

As An Affiliate, This Could Potentially Be A Highly Lucrative Opportunity!

Get Started Today!

Your Pitch Video

For Businesses - All Sizes

We accept 100% of Businesses no matter their size. We can scale their Benefits Portal to 10,000 locations as well. No Limits. Zero Risk .

Happy Affiliate

Your Marketing Materials

These two Informational Videos are just a taste of the marketing materials that are all ready for you to present to prospective Business Clients and Individuals.

Your Pitch Video

For Individuals & Families

A simple explainer video on how your prospects who are individuals... can take advantage of Healthcare Benefits.


  • General Responsibilities:

    - Seek out and find Businesses which need and want to offer affordable Healthcare Benefits for their workers. Currently, there is a extremely high 80% Closing Acceptance Rate after contact with a business.

    - Feel Comfortable operating this as a "micro-franchise opportunity" where your monthly maintenance costs as an Affiliate will start at $89 per month. Team Affiliate Team positions, should you desire, have higher pay requirements.

    - Offer to any individual an Affordable Healthcare Benefits starting at just $29.95/Month... Families up to 8 dependents just $59.95/Month.

  • Experience:

    - No experience necessary. This is a 1099 Contractor Type Position and not a Salaried Position as it is 100% Commissions.

    - Best for those needing to add a supplemental income, add a side-hustle or enhance their own current sales income.

    - Great for Professional Services (Accountants, Consultants, Business Coaches, Insurance Agents, BookKeepers, Tax Pros, CPA's, Chiropractors, others) desiring to add an additional service to their clients. No insurance license required.

    - Strong perseverance and desire to help businesses recruit and retain employees by offering them a proven Healthcare Benefits Program.

  • Requirements:

    - Self-motivated with the ability to work independently, set your own hours and work schedule. Work as little or as much as your goals dictate.

    - Strong desire to help businesses avoid High Penalties for ACA Non-Compliance (at the present time, we are the only company that can do this for them, meaning the opportunities are almost endless).

    - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail of expanding your own business.

    - Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with clients and other professionals in the industry.

    - Ability to manage your own sales pace independently. You will be given all the proper sales materials to become a success, so there is no need to create your own sales materials.

    - You must have your own Internet Connection, presentation platform (i.e. Zoom), active phone, active email. This is a Self Employed Program offering a Passive Residual Passive Income Opportunity...

    This means that when you make a sale once, then you get paid on it over and over, month after month until the account is closed (we've never had anybody do this yet). If you are a dedicated worker seeking the freedom and flexibility of self-employment while showcasing your desire to help others get affordable Healthcare Benefits, we encourage you to apply to our Perfect Benefits Plan Team.

Become An Affiliate Today And Earn Passive Residual Income!

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Here Is The Typical Client Generating Process

It really is as simple as what is laid out below.

You Market Towards Prospects

You decide who you want to market to and then promote a sale in a manner that is best for your potential client.

You Handle The Onboarding

Your 15 minute onboarding meeting with a business allows us to know how to set up their account and their Benefits Portal.

We Fine Tune Their Account

After your Onboarding Meeting we go to work setting up their Healthcare Benefits Portal and first Enrollment Campaign.

━━━━ Watch This Brief Explainer Video 

After Watching This Video, Lets Talk!

Meet Your Team Leader, Jesse Carter

After watching, get on the fill out the form below. We will then reach out to you and schedule a mere 30 minute block of time and explain the "life changing income" details. This will be some of the best time you will allocate this year.

Become An Affiliate Today And Earn Passive Residual Income!

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