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We are all about helping our LifeExec Affiliate Team get ahead.  With that notion, we have many Resources for you to start your Financial Freedom Journey. Some are free and some have a nominal charge.

These Resources are suggestions to help you get started, but continued research on your part will move your forward for scalability. Feel free to share your marketing sources and we will share them here as well.

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Gather Your Warm Market Leads Of

People You Know

Approach those that you know first:
Neighbors, Family, Friends, Business Associates, Church Family, Choir or Band members, Sunday School Group, Child Care workers, Charities you donate to, Bowling League members, Teachers at child's school, Chiropractor, Sports Team members, Dentists, Restaurants you frequent, Gyms, Lawyers, Accountants, Travel Agents, Plumbers, Clothes Cleaners, Shops, Yoga Instructor, Salons you visit, Lawn Care, Bake Shops, Your Financial Planner, Pet Groomers, Oil Change Shop, Mechanics, Carpet and House Cleaning Services.
Ask all for referrals of those that they think might need World Class Healthcare Benefits.

Find Leads In Dozens Of Niches

Gather Your Leads

Locate leads in your city or area in one of these niches. Here are some suggestions:
Dentists, Restaurants, Gyms, Lawyers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Accountants, Contractors, Construction, RV Dealers, Perfume Stores, Optometrists, Opticians, Jewelers, Travel Agencies, Orthodontists, Computer Store Martial Arts, Heating and Cooling, Plumbers, Cleaners, Fitness, Hotels, Personal Trainers, Pest Control, Exterminators, Electricians, Remodeling Contractors, Doctors, Shops, Marketing Agency, Flooring, Flooring Service, Used Car Dealer, Medical Spas, Insurance Agents, Architects, Interior Design, Yoga Studio, Security Systems, Landscaping, Escape Rooms, Home Security, Furniture Stores, Handyman, Clothing, Spa, Massages, Flight Schools, Dispensary, Catering Services, Salons, Lawn Care, Funeral Home, Bakeries, Web Design, Health Stores, Pharmacies, Tree Service, Tattoo Studios, Pizzarias, Cardiologist, Financial Planners, Locksmiths, Cafes, Water Damage Repair, Home Renovation, Property Management, Florists, Day Spas, Band Hire, Dog Grooming, Driving Instructors, Waste Removal, Phone Shops, Co-working Spaces, Tanning Salons, Debt Collectors, Nutritionists, Car Rental, Shop Fitters, Psychiatrists, Language Schools, Psychologists, Demolition, Oil Service, Waste Management, Regeneration Medicine, Supermarkets, Fitness Supplies, Bookkeeping, Vein Clinic, Indian Restaurants, Vegan Restaurants, Beauty Salon, CoolSculpting, Cleaning Service


    Everyone needs to keep track of prospects they have contacted, with notes on the visit and when to follow up. A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is almost a necessity tool as you start to grow.

    Here are a couple that has been used by others in LifeExec.

  • Smart Marketer Aihttp://crm.primeallow.com Qualify & Convert Leads on Autopilot Faster & Cheaper with all the sales and marketing tools you need to run your business.

  • HubSpot - https://hubspot.com Seamlessly connect your data, teams, and customers on one AI-powered customer platform that grows with your business. This is what LifeExec uses. They have a Free Starter version. There is an ongoing monthly charge when the minimum threshold has been reached.

Corporate Employee Research

Franchise Lookups

Corporate Employee Research

Business Listings Services

Directories Of Associations

Sample Email - Customize With Your Own Details


I saw your _______ service online and was very impressed how you serve your customers.

I would like to introduce myself. 

I am a Healthcare Benefits Consultant with LifeExec and I would like for you to consider looking at what we have to offer your business.

Here is my website http://______________ Be sure to watch the brief video there.

Providing the Best Of The Best benefits program for your workers will cost you $0 to sponsor them or you can provide a stipend or full health coverage. It's your choice.

We take 100% of your workers... Full-Time, Part-Time, 1099 Contractors, Undocumented

No Minimums. Start your Enrollment Campaign anytime. Super affordable benefits starting at just $29.95/month... 
Our Health Insurance is 1/2 the Cost of popular health insurance... $0 Deductible... Free Medications (3,000 Meds)... and comes with a $100,000 Health Fund.

You can now provide World Class benefits to your workers. Take a peak http://_________________

I would like to give you and overview if you would like to book a time here https://calendly.com/______________.

You may also email me at [email protected] or simply call me anytime XXX-XXX-XXX when you have a few moments. Thanks.


Your Name

What Other Resources

 Can We Provide?

Let us know if you have other online, marketing or lead creation services that you might like to review. Contact us today to discuss an services you are interested in and we will work to find them for you. Free Consultation. Click Here