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The ACA mandates that businesses employing 50 or more full-time equivalent employees as ALE’s (Applicable Large Employer) have the responsibility to make affordable healthcare coverage available to at least 95% of their eligible employees.

The mandated coverage usually must meet Minimum Essential Coverage or MEC and be affordable, based on specific criteria outlined by the law.

Failure to comply with these requirements can result in significant penalties that may lead to business bankruptcy and closure.

Keep reading to learn how you can offer High Quality Health Care benefits for you and your team.

LifeExec Has The Perfect Solution To Avoid Hefty Non-Compliance Penalties.

Don't take the chance that you will not have an IRS Penalty. Solve the problem by grabbing the inexpensive MEC Solution called Advantage Wellness MEC.

Get All The Benefits

Don't have a MEC as required? Then you will be fined $250 without any benefits. Why not pay $249, avoid an official penalty and get the benefits too.

Only LifeExec Offers It

Only LifeExec offers a completely reliable program to meet all MEC Requirements for both a business and an individual.

Reliable And Dependable

LifeExec has specialists designed to help you or your business navigate the complicated ACA Compliance Mandates with no penalties. Compliance Guaranteed.

Your Business Must Be ACA Compliant Or
Face Severe IRS Penalties

We've all heard by now that if your business has a minimum of "50 Full-Time Employees", it must be compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

So you may think, I don't have 50 Full Time Employees so I'm clear from this mandate. Well, not so fast.

The actual wording says... 50 Full Time "Equivalent" Employees.

Figure it this way...

Take all of your employees X all of their hours worked
full time equivalent of 40 hours/week = Number of
Full Time Equivalent Employees

Example: A restaurant with 10 full time employees (working 40 hours/week) + 80 Part Time employees (working 20 hours/week each) = 50 Full Time "Equivalent" Employees

Perfect Benefits Magazine Explains It All

How To Avoid A Stiff Penalty Each Month Like This For Non-Compliance With The ACA?

1. Your company reviews your options with our experts and simply signs up with one of our Health Care plans. Our specialists will work with you to get the right program to avoid ACA Penalties.

2. At least one employee enrolls in any plan we offer.

3. We offer Quarterly Enrollments, so that employees can sign up during any quarter, which gives you an "audit trail" should the IRS send you an ACA Noncompliance Payment Letter.

Hey Business Executive, If you operate any size company, then you owe it to yourself to review the Perfect Benefits Magazine below to see how you can offer benefits to your part-time, seasonal, and full-time employees and avoid potential ACA Non-Compliance issues.

Get Your FREE Copy Of Our Perfect Benefits Magazine

This edition may be one of the most important reads that you do for your business this year.

Discover how your business may be targeted by the IRS and receive a hefty penalty due to non-compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

If you are not sure whether your company will be effective, simply get this magazine for free and see for yourself. 


The Process For Your Organization

We are offering healthcare benefits for the following organizations:

Are you a:

-Any Size Company

-Sole -Proprietor / DBA

-Franchise - Unlimited Locations

-Nonprofit Organization

-Individual / Family

-National Association

-Ministry / Church / Faith Based

-National Civic Group

-Professional Service

-Many Others


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-We will meet with you and determine your exact needs...

-We will create your own organization's Branded LifeExec Healthcare Benefits portal for your Employees / Members to utilize and choose their own plans...

-We will continue to service your Employees or Members by addressing their needs directly and personally.

After our consultation, we'll take it from there and get everything set up and ready to go.

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